2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia Preview, Redesign And Prices – The 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia will herald in an all-new, seventh generation of the iconic muscle car. As American as apple pie, Ford’s revered pony car will bring with it some major updates for the 2023 model year.

Spearheading the new Mustang will likely be the Coyote V8 that, for all intents and purposes, has come to become synonymous with the Mustang nameplate by itself. While the car is but to lose its covers, there’s plenty we have been able to gather so far about the 2023 Mustang GT.

Developed by Ford Performance and race engineering firm (and Ford GT supercar builders) Multimatic, Ford will enter a Mustang in the world-class GT racing series in 2024, marking the brand’s return to the upper tiers of global sports activities car racing since the Ford GT bowed out in 2019.

While Ford is however to confirm this, the 2024 debut day means it really is probably the new 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia will likely be based on the next-generation Mustang highway car, codenamed S650 – rumoured to launch in 2023.

Tipped to eventually provide four-cylinder and/or V8 hybrid power (along with non-hybrid options). A teaser image of the new 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia that will be based on the highway car, as stipulated by GT3 regulations released together.

The seventh generation of Ford’s iconic Mustang pony car, the 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia, is coming in scorching. Just last week, spy photos were released showing the new model, done up head-to-toe in shape-masking camouflage and padding, running close to on the examination monitor.

It was not immediately clear at the time, but that was probably a Mustang EcoBoost prototype, and in the time since, new photos have emerged showing a prototype of the 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia. Which, as should have been anticipated, is V8-powered.

2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia
2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia

2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia Design

A brand new design was, of course, necessary, viewing how every carmaker across the world is currently going to construct their metal horses with hybrid engines and state-of-the-art futuristic tech, something that the 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia is going to embrace too.

The 2023 Mustang is going to be an all-new generation for the iconic Ford pony. That means the carmakers from Detroit are going to re-engineer the car from the floor up, with the future in your mind.

While we are able to be certain the 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia will provide state-of-the-art tech and extravagant features loaded to the brim and definitely new materials for the cabin, the seats are pretty much going to be the identical physically two adults comfortably in the front.

Bits of the CD6 platform, that is also shared by the Ford Explorer and the Lincoln Navigator, were utilized in the current S650 Mustang GT, and the new GT needs to be built completely on the CD6, what with all the new-generation additions like AWD and Hybrid support.

The taillights are count on to don an identical but sleeker look with parallel vertical strips, thinner in width many thanks to more compact LED elements. The same approach will get place up entrance, with narrower, a lot more horizontal headlights.

2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia was born to race from the commence and we’re thrilled to introduce the GT edition to compete head-to-head against some of the greatest manufacturers in the world,” stated Mark Rushbrook, Ford Performance Motorsports global director.Speaking about the new Mustang GT4, Rushbrook added: “

And we look ahead to having the ability to supply our consumers with a brand new car for competition in the GT4 category starting next season. We’ll have more to state on that in the close to future.” And the rear greatest left for kids, or your friends who need help achieving the kitchen leading shelf.

2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia Feature
2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia Feature

2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia Engine

Dealers have reportedly been advised that the new 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia will be offering hybrid engine options too this time around. Of course, that also means that a considerable alter in the chassis may have to become made, to be able to accommodate the new power models.

On launch, which is slated for 2023, the Mustang GT could very well supply a turbocharged 4-cylinder hybrid device.

In reality, there is certainly every possibility that Ford could outfit a variant using a hybrid V8 too! With hybrid variants available this time around.

An all-electric 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia would no longer become a point of only the imagination, nevertheless it is certainly not going to be listed here for at least a couple more years.Of course, a single could be remiss to not mention the Coyote V8.

The monstrous 5.0-liter engine that has given the Mustang its place in background. In addition, with the new generation, Ford could be sure to follow suit with the relaxation of the globe and offer a hybrid engine variant of the V8 Coyote, as well as a hybrid option on one of the lower-powered trims.

Ford introduced that they would be developing a 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia race car for the IMSA racing occasions, as well as overseas occasions.

Powered by a specced-up model of the iconic Coyote V8 five.0-liter housed in the current Mustang GT, the GT3 variant would meet up with the requirements to compete in race events worldwide, which includes although not limited to Le Mans and Daytona.

With nothing at all concrete as of but and no details available obviously, it might be safe to state that the new Mustang GT would come with a minimum of two of Ford’s EcoBoost engine variants- the 4-cylinder two.3-liter and the V6 three.5-liter power units.

Powering the new 2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia will be a race-prepped model of the road-going Mustang’s five.0-litre naturally-aspirated ‘Coyote’ V8 engine, developed by Ford Performance and M-Sport, the latter the force behind Ford’s entry in the Globe Rally Championship (WRC).

2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia Feature
2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia Feature

2023 Ford Mustang GT Australia Prices

With several variants, Ford would allow customers to carry house the 2023 Mustang GT in a lot of different price points. Starting off at around $28,000 could be a good bet, that is slightly more than the current base price of the EcoBoost Fastback.