2022 Ford Everest Brasil Release Date, Price And Engine

2022 Ford Everest Brasil Release Date, Price And Engine– Yesterday we talked about the new generation of Ford Ranger in tests in Europe, in the plug-in mixture version and now we also see the Everest, SUV derived from the pickup.

Launched in 2003, the SUV is sold in Asia as a rival to Chevrolet Trailblazer and Toyota SW4 , also known as Endeavor. Rumors even say that it can be produced in Argentina , eventually landing in Brazil – however, after 2023, when production will start in the neighboring country.

It’s easy to see that it’s the new generation Ford Everest for expressing the same front as the other Ranger prototypes. The cloths end up showing the shape of the grille, with a horizontal bar that goes to the headlights, these in “C” as in the new F-150 and Maverick .

The six-bolt wheels are a sign of a robust car, as is the large ground clearance, indicating that the SUV will have a very generous suspension travel.

2022 Ford Everest Brasil Performance
2022 Ford Everest Brasil Performance


2022 Ford Everest Brasil Engine

Although this test “mule” has the steering wheel on the right side, it doesn’t mean that Ford will launch Everest in Europe. It makes more sense to offer it in Asia and even the United States, where real SUVs with a body on a chassis are more popular. Even for Brazil it makes more sense, although the segment has few competitors.

Leaked documents indicate that the new Ford Ranger will have four powertrain options, although this depends on the market. Diesel fans will have a 2.0 bit-turbo and a 3.0 V6 turbo, while the gasoline engines will be a 2.7 bit-turbo V6 and a 2.3 turbo plug-in hybrid. There should still be two V6 versions for Ranger Raptor.

Both models will receive options of four-cylinder 2.0 turbodiesel 213hp and 50.9 kgfm and V6 3.0 turbodiesel of 253hp and 61.1 kgfm – which currently equips the North American F-150.

Leia mais em: https://quatrorodas.abril.com.br/noticias/nova-ford-ranger-tera-motor-v6-3-0-e-hibrido-plug-in-de-367-cv-em-2022/

The expected plug-in hybrid variant is expected to carry a 2.3 gasoline engine aided by an electric one – of unspecified power – that would generate 367 hp and 69.3 kgfm of combined torque.

2022 Ford Everest Brasil Design
2022 Ford Everest Brasil Design


2022 Ford Everest Brasil Interior

Unfortunately, we cannot see the interior of the SUV. We believe it will have the Sync4 media center with a 12″ or 15.5″ screen like the Mustang Mach-E and F-150. Speaking of technology, the side mirrors seem to have a blind spot sensor and, because Ford uses a double camouflage on the door handles, they can bring something different like a retractable or close-up system.

Developed primarily in Australia, the new generations of Ranger and Everest are also important for Volkswagen, as the platform will be used in the next Amarok. All of them are expected in 2022 (and the hybrid version only in 2023) and there is speculation about an Amarok-derived SUV.

In addition to the change in engine, both designs should receive the SYNC4 multimedia center with a 12.8-inch vertical screen and connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless

The redesigned model should arrive next year, alongside a redesigned Ranger pickup truck, with which it will share styling and mechanical elements. Comparing the spy shots with earlier shots of the Ranger, we can see that the face of the Everest will be a match with its pickup counterpart.

Powertrains should also be shared across both models. This means turbocharged inline-4 and V-6 options, including diesels in some markets. Expect a 6- or 7-speed manual to be standard and a 10-speed automatic to be available.

2022 Ford Everest Brasil
2022 Ford Everest Brasil


2022 Ford Everest Brasil Price

The Ford Everest 2022 prices range from $50,090 for the basic trim level SUV Everest Ambiente (rwd) to $73,190 for the top of the range SUV Everest Titanium (4WD).

The Ford Everest 2022 is available in Hybrid & Diesel and Diesel. Engine sizes and signals vary from the SUV 3.2L 6 SP Automatic to the SUV 2.0L 10 SP Auto Seq Sportshift.