2024 Ford Ranger Lightning : What Will The Technology Look Like, How Much Will It Cost? – The 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning isn’t something the Ford folks will talk about. Not explicitly in any case.

But read between the lines of the technical specifications of the new Ranger 2024 and it’s clear that steps are being made to prepare the vehicle for electrification, keeping up with the times.

The secret is out, and we’re excited to share that the Ford F-150 Lightning is getting a formidable electric sibling. The 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning may be a cousin to the F-150 Lightning,

but it may not be called the Ford Ranger Lighting. While we’re tired of missing out on some of the fun, this thread yields more clues. Since then, a member of Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles division,

strongly indicated that the Ford Ranger EV is happening and will happen. The new Ranger was the perfect candidate and the truck’s chief engineer later confirmed,

that the truck’s new platform was ready to be fully electrified. Further evidence emerged when Ford trademarked the name 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning
2024 Ford Ranger Lightning

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Machine

The best bet is that Ford will track with the Bronco for its base engine, returning a turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four. The global Ranger Raptor gets a 392 hp twin-turbo V6.

We can guarantee that the American version receives the same engine. It’s lighter, smaller, and cheaper than the F-150 Lightning, and more powerful. Ranger Lightning will have less power than the previous 452-horsepower and 582-hp options.

However, it should also be more powerful than the current Ranger with its 270-hp turbo-four. While the exact output figures are currently unknown, we expect the twin-turbo 6 to dump around 400 horsepower,

and 400 pound-feet of torque. The same engine on the T6 Ranger platform counterpart, the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor, has 418 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque.

The Ford Bronco offers both 2.3-liter and 2.7-liter EcoBoost engines as options, and we all know since the Raptor and Bronco have the same base,

we could see Ford putting one of these engines in the Ranger 2024 possibly a 2.7, and then offering hybrid powertrain as base engine option or engine option.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Powertrain
2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Powertrain

Transmission and Charging

Under the hood of course expect the current 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 engine as well as the 3.0L EcoBoost V6 mentioned on paper in the Ranger Raptor. The two reinforced petrol pumps will be mated to a Ford 10-speed automatic transmission. The former has a 98-kWh or 131-kWh battery.

With a larger battery, the F-150 has a range on a full charge of 320 miles. The lighter and smaller Ranger Lightning can do this very well. The F-150 Lightning can support charging speeds of up to 150 kW,

or get the truck from a 15-80% charge state in just 40 minutes and it’s probably faster. Since Ranger Lightning is still a long way off, Ford may have increased the charging speed by then.


The exterior design of the Ford Ranger Lightning 2024 has not been revealed. predictions It is likely to be descended from the handsome new Ranger which has a more square appearance than its predecessor.

The futuristic light bar, unique alloy wheels, unique badge (pictured below on the F-150 Lightning), and the closed grille are elements that are likely to be inherited from the F-150 Lightning. Maybe that part will change a lot.

Customers in the U.S. should expect to see the all-new new-generation Ranger arrive as a model year 2024 vehicle. This means the 2023 Ford Ranger will be the last year the current-generation model will receive the Splash Package,

Splash Jungle Package, and Splash Limited Edition. In addition, the standard Ranger is equipped with an 80 liter fuel tank. We saw a special Ranger that had a suitable 140 liter tank without any modifications, so Ford massively enlarged the area where the fuel tank would fit fully.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Feature
2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Feature

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Feature

The Ford Ranger 2024 offers a choice of a standard 10.1-inch infotainment screen, or an optional 12-inch screen, depending on owner preferences.

It will also ditch the traditional hard copy owner’s manual in favor of a digital version. button settings, console boxes, on-the-go entertainment and much more.

Color Choice

The color of the 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning pickup should not be much different from other Fords including this 2024 ford ranger. Such as Antimatter Blue, Iconic Silver, Rapid Red, and Carbonized Gray are some of the popular Ford colors that can be applied to this new electric truck.

Size Dimension

When the dimensions of the 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning are published, we expect to see only minor differences between it and the new Ranger. So that the performance can be the same or maybe much better.

Ford USA hasn’t released the specs for the new Ranger yet, but Ford Thailand has released them. Based on this, most Ranger double cabins are 75.2 inches wide, 211.4 inches long and 74.2 inches high. The upcoming Lightning Ranger should reflect these numbers.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Price

However, the F-150 and F-150 Lightning give us some clues. Currently, the F-150 Lightning starts at about $9,000 more than its ICE counterpart.

As we expect Ranger 2024 to start at around $27,000, Ranger Lightning 2024 can be expected to start at around $35,000. Or it could be equivalent to f150, we’ll just have to wait.