2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X: Bridging the Gap Between Adventure and Performance

2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X: Bridging the Gap Between Adventure and Performance

Ford Australia is expanding its ever-popular Ford Ranger lineup with the introduction of the 2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X, adding yet another exciting variant to the mix. Priced starting at $75,990 before on-road costs, the Wildtrak X aims to find the perfect balance between the off-road prowess of the Ranger Raptor and the versatility of the Wildtrak, catering to those who crave adventure without compromising on performance.

A Powerful Heart

Under the hood of the 2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X resides Ford’s 2.0-liter bi-turbo four-cylinder diesel engine, a powerplant known for its robust performance. This engine generates 150 kW of power and an impressive 500 Nm of torque. Paired exclusively with a 10-speed automatic transmission, this setup ensures that the Wildtrak X delivers both power and precision, whether you’re navigating rugged terrain or cruising on the open road.

A Versatile Lineup

The 2024 Ford Ranger lineup continues to expand, with the 2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X being just the latest addition. Expected to go on sale at Broadway Automotive in Summer 2023, this versatile lineup offers something for every driver. In addition to the Wildtrak X, there are four trim levels to choose from: XL, XLT, Lariat, and the all-new Raptor.2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X

Exterior Styling

The Ford Ranger has always been known for its commanding presence on the road, and the 2024 model is no exception. With its Ford C-Clamp LED headlights, bold wheel arches, signature grille designs, and a stamped RANGER tailgate, it’s clear that the Ranger boasts a rugged and distinctive exterior. These design elements not only enhance its visual appeal but also contribute to its aerodynamics and overall performance.

Powertrain Options

For those who opt for the standard Ford Ranger, a 270-horsepower 2.3-liter EcoBoost® four-cylinder engine provides the necessary power, producing an impressive 310 pound-feet of torque. However, if you crave even more muscle under the hood, the 2024 Ranger offers an upgrade. In Fall 2023, drivers can choose the 315-horsepower 2.7-liter EcoBoost® V-6, delivering a formidable 400 pound-feet of torque. Both engine options are paired with a class-exclusive 10-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission, ensuring smooth and efficient performance.

Trail-Ready Performance

For the ultimate off-road experience, the Ford Ranger Raptor is the top-tier choice. Powered by a 405-horsepower 3.0-liter EcoBoost® V-6 engine, it boasts an impressive 430 pound-feet of torque. This trail-rated beast is designed to conquer the toughest terrains, making it the ideal companion for off-road enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures.2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X Interior


Here’s a quick look at the pricing for the 2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak and Wildtrak X:

Ranger Wildtrak

4×4 double cab pickup BiTurbo: $69,390 (+$900)
4×4 double cab pickup V6: $73,590 (+$1200)
Ranger Wildtrak X

4×4 double cab pickup BiTurbo: $76,890 (+$900)
In conclusion, the 2024 Ford Ranger lineup is poised to impress with its combination of power, versatility, and rugged styling. The introduction of the Wildtrak X bridges the gap between adventure and performance, offering a compelling option for those who seek both thrilling off-road experiences and on-road excellence. With multiple engine choices and trim levels to choose from, the 2024 Ford Ranger lineup provides a solution for every driver’s needs and preferences.2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X Specs