2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500: Prices, Specs and Redesign

2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500: Prices, Specs and Redesign – Ford has unveiled the latest iteration of its iconic Mustang sports car, marking the seventh chapter in the model’s history. The new design boasts updated yet familiar styling, providing much-needed modernization to the beloved vehicle.

Additionally, every Mustang will now come equipped with Ford Power-Up software capability, enabling over-the-air updates for both software and vehicle performance enhancements. The upcoming Mustang will once again be offered in both coupe and convertible models, each available with turbo 4 and V8 engines.

This latest Mustang promises to be unlike anything we’ve seen before, sparking numerous speculations about its features and capabilities. Despite being from two different generations, the Mustangs will share the coveted horsepower crown among Ford vehicles.

Notably, this will be the last traditional pony car from Ford, making it a true standout in the brand’s lineup. The 2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 has a rich racing history,

and the latest iteration will continue that legacy with impressive performance features. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this release, with numerous spy sightings, leaks, rumors, and speculations surrounding the new model.

2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500
2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500

2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 Specs

This particular engine delivers an impressive 526 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque, but what really sets it apart is the unparalleled soundtrack it produces in the Mustang. Ford took a unique approach for the GT350 and GT350R models,

opting to create a new 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine with a flat-plane crank instead of simply adding forced induction to the 5.0-liter Coyote V8. In the latest generation, the Mustang will continue to be powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine, but with an output of 480 horsepower.

While there is also a 315-hp turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost option available, it is not quite as impressive as the V8. The Mustang GT, which still features a 5.0-liter V8, comes with a standard six-speed manual transmission. Compared to the previous generation’s Coyote V8 engine,

which delivered 450 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, the new V8 is rated at 480 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque. Interestingly, the 2020 Shelby GT350 produces 526 horsepower from a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter Voodoo V8 engine without forced induction, making it the only car with that engine straight from the factory.

The 2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500‘s engine also utilizes a flat-plane crank construction, allowing it to rev all the way up to 8,250 rpm. This engine is a standout in the Mustang lineup, as it is currently the only naturally aspirated engine with 100 horsepower per liter of displacement.

This means that it is the only engine without forced induction that delivers 100 horsepower for every liter of engine displacement, until now. It is important to note that this engine is different from the flat-plane crank 5.2L Voodoo engine found in the Shelby GT350.

2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 Specs
2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 Specs

2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 Design

The design of this sports car features a simple Oxford White exterior with blue racing stripes and red accents. Setting the 2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 apart from other Mustang models are its 19-inch carbon fiber wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, carbon composite front grille, pronounced front splitter,

and mounted carbon fiber rear wing. The Mustang’s updated interior includes an available 13.2-inch display that is part of a large curved display extending over the center stack area. The system replaces traditional knobs for weather and radio control with touchscreen buttons.

The configurable display can be personalized with selectable colors, gauges, and a “calm” screen that displays only the most important information. The base EcoBoost-powered pony cars and GT have a unique styling treatment, along with heritage elements such as the high grille inspired by the first-generation Mustangs from the 1960s,

and the recognizable tri-bar LED headlights and taillights. Customers have the option to choose from several new stripe colors and designs, three Brembo brake colors (Grabber Blue, red, and black), and new wheel designs ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 Redesign
2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 Redesign

2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 Price

The starting price for the 2024 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3500 is expected to be around $30,000, compared to the 2022 model which starts at $27,470. The Chevy Camaro has a starting price of $25,000, while the Dodge Challenger kicks off at $30,430. It is anticipated that the base EcoBoost coupe could surpass this price point.